Michael Strategier as a musician

Sounds have always intrigued Michael. Although his roots lie in classical music, Michael has chosen the path of becoming an improvising musician. This allows him to express the experience of the moment in images of sounds and music.

Being a piano tuner, Michael often comes across beautiful instruments. It is his longing to bring about the individual sound and timbre of each instrument. A specific piano sound or tune can elicit ones feelings and emotions. That is one of the reasons why Michael has always been interested in Indian music, with its overtones inviting the listener to experience deeper emotions.

Michael’s experience and curiosity have led to a distinguished piano sound. His improvised musical pieces are to express the full sound range typical to the individual instrument. Through practice Michael has learned to combine the inner emotional experiences with musical expressions and sounds. A landscape of sounds emerges that resonates with emotions.

Michael was raised playing the cello. Only at an age of 55 he started playing the piano. Although his focus is now mainly on the piano, Michael still has a passion for the cello. That is why he plays both.