The history

Report on my dolphin encounter in the Red Sea, Egypt, April 13 to 20, 2003

My interest for dolphins was raised during a session with Dr. Mary Meadows (Cellular Theta Breath of Light – a.k.a. The Dolphin Breath).
After this session in 1998 she told me that I was surrounded by many dolphins during the full length of her session, and that I was representing dolphins amongst the human race (being their ambassador).

Just before this session I joined a workshop by Drunvalo Melchizedek, telling us about an ongoing experiment in Russia (Black Sea). It is there that Igor Charkovsky has extensive experience with underwater births, in which dolphins play an important role (

Drunvalo told us about the effects of this experiment on women giving birth and often also on the children that were born in this way – sleeping under water shortly after birth and having a much stronger connection to life. Think about the nuclear damage that was brought upon Kazakhstan in southern Russia (much worse – but less known – than in Chernobyl), that caused almost 80% of children to be born with malformations, often life-threatening.

One can state that Igor Charkovsky has achieved miracles through the help of dolphins.

This stimulated in me the idea to promote this initiative (and similar ones) and to establish a dolphin centre somewhere around the world.

Through a series of “coincidences” I met with people who still believe in miracles and in realizing our dreams. I got invited to join a Belgian expedition, lead by the internationally known dolphin expert Ocean Smets, on a trip to a group of dolphins in the Red Sea.

In the week of April 13 to 20, 2003 I spent 4 to 6 hours per day in Egyptian waters with dolphins (Red Sea).

The dolphins’ world left a deep impression on me, reflecting love, harmony, joy, tenderness, and silence.

Right from the beginning, my own attitude in the water was one of meditation and prayer. I was very much involved in the green books of the “I AM” foundation at that time, and was touched by the extraordinary powerful Decrees, of which I used many on a daily basis. It performs miracles being in the water with dolphins! The dolphins supported and enforced my intentions of peace, of cleansing the ego, and replacing it with our inner eternal divinity.

Dolphins have shown us that we can make our presence in this world a feast, that we are entitled to have fun. They approached us up close, often not more than 1 millimetre from our skins, with their flexible and agile bodies never touching us directly, even when we would briefly join them in a short dive, and the dolphin group would splatter their way up again.

During one of these many moments of ecstatic joy (the initial exhaustion of the daily swims disappearing altogether after a while) hundreds of dolphins made their way below us, peacefully and quietly swimming along with me and my youthful friends Eva and Els. Along the water’s edge we played and turned and dived with four to seven of our steady playmates, whilst in the meantime beneath us large groups of dolphins would quietly and peacefully swim by. This was of such great marvel, and I experienced it as one united musical string, with groups of dolphins showing us patterns, all swimming in line in ever-changing formats and positions. One would almost think there was a message in these patterns, as if they surrounded us with a dome of peace and silence, with their calm movements, enjoying with us the radiant and intense play above them. Every now and then, when I got tired of swimming, I would lay belly-down in the water, being a witness of that silent procession below. Now and then a group of dolphins would swim up like flashes of lightning, emphasizing the silence, and sometimes jumping up and breaking through the water’s edge. Often there were groups of five to ten dolphins, quickly and dynamically whirling around each other. They would touch each other constantly, using their fins and snouts and bodies, cuddling and courting, enjoying each other’s physical presence. It was truly delightful to see how they would embrace one another with their fins (arms), one turning over the other, swimming together for a while. Sometimes they would swim fin by fin, side by side, as we would walk hand in hand. I occasionally saw them making love. Our familiar group of dolphins that was constantly playing with us, allowed us to explore all parts of their bodies. We were allowed to observe up close and in detail every piece of skin, every change of colour and texture on their slate-like appearances, their fins, and their tails. They would swim close to you, leaving you with nothing but observing them in every detail. Their tails are believed to contain their radar and sonar senses. The most enjoyable part was when they would turn over in full surrender, allowing us to admire their superb white bellies. You could sense their laughter, sincerely enjoying the moment.

At the beginning of our acquaintance (and this kind of exploration kept on returning) every now and then a dolphin would swim up real close and would fixate one of its eyes on me. We would often end up in some kind of a spiral movement, with me working hard to maintain that spinning cycle, all the while having the dolphin’s eye fixated on me, looking slightly from front to back. After a while it would switch its position, so that it could observe me through its other eye. Very fascinating. Once I even saw the dolphin’s eye from within, not looking at the somewhat dull blue haze on the eye’s surface, but seeing also the iris around the pupil, with fine diaphragm stripes. Eva was even so attached to a dolphin’s eye once, that they jumped out of the water in a synchronized movement, with her being able to look the dolphin deep in his eyes in mid air, exposing even more details than I had been able to observe during my encounters.

On Thursday, I issued a silent request to the dolphins to come over and touch me, physically. Not much late I was surprised by a dolphin that pushed itself up against my left shoulder, immediately followed by another dolphin joining me at the right. We swam like that for a while, with me being clamped in-between the two dolphins. Not much later a third dolphin came swimming in front of us, allowing me to touch its back, its strong dorsal fin, its sides and white belly. It was only its tail that I was not allowed to touch. When I tried to, the dolphin flashed off.

For me, this was the height of our adventure. It feels as if my under-water brothers and sisters have greeted me, have taken me by the hands and have included me once again in their midst. It is almost hard for me to believe that this encounter actually took place. It is a dream-like memory, and thanks to the advice of Ocean I wrote it all down in a dairy, allowing me to look back on what actually happened.

We spent a full week at sea, at the edge of a coral reef, some hundred metres from the coastline. Most of the time we would be in the water at dawn around six am, being the moment when the dolphins would swim up to the reef to get some rest. Our guide, the unsurpassed Ocean Smets, has explained to us that this is a place where the dolphins are not disturbed by sharks and other dangerous elements. At the bottom of the reef, some 15 to 45ft deep, lies white sand with little white fish swimming around that dolphins like very much. Around the reef (some 350 square ft), the sea level is already much deeper (350ft), with the reef being indescribably and paradise-like beautiful: a mixture of soft tones in all colours, being mainly green, blue and purple, and an enormous variety of fish, from minute to very large, in all the colours and patterns you can image. The fish can be intensely coloured, and extremely contrasted, having a black fish with bright yellow fins, or in all the colours of the rainbow, or mottled green etc.

In short, you can imagine that I experienced a very special week. In my mind and with my deeply touched hart I made a promise to the dolphins to do everything that is within my power to spread their message of tenderness and love, harmony and freedom, agility and unconditioned playfulness, and a highly contagious and inspirational happiness – conveying the message to my fellow humans on this planet, in agreement with what the three of us were experiencing at that time, that: “HET IS SO FIJN OM EEN DOLFIJN TE SIJN!” (“Being a dolphin is so awesome!”).

PS. In the meantime, the message that these dolphins were conveying whilst swimming on the bottom of the reef has become clear to me. They messaged signals through their bodily drawings and formations. Through their still patterns they showed me a form of resonance, between them and us, through the ultimate silence of their presence in such large numbers.

And the first thing that happened to me on a trip to the Aegean Sea in Turkey (June 2003) was meeting a genius inventor, violin player and violin maker, who has revealed the secret of resonance.

He claims to be able to take any instrument (violin, cello, guitar, organ, piano, and any copper wind-instrument – and even concert halls) and create a sublime harmonically vibrating body, with beautiful upper tones, allowing us to truly take a next step into tuning music and sounds. I will participate in spreading these ideas around the globe.

I visited Georg Ignatius in southern Germany in July 2003. We spent almost 21 hours non-stop on adjusting my cello, opening it up and adding changes to the bass bar and bridge, up to a level where I had a hard time recognizing the instrument it once was. The sounds of my cello improved enormously, playing deeper, more harmonic sounds and being easier to handle. Listeners are touched by their heart – not heads – whilst listening to its sounds.

I also had a chance to explore and play on the Ignatius’ altered piano (piano tuning and techniques being my trade), and it again reflects a very pure, harmonic sound, especially when playing with open notes (not muted) – absolutely amazing!

Michiel Strategier