The Discovery

The New Tuning was discovered by Jacques Groenen M.Sc. in his innovative search of the fundaments of phenomena. Having studied sociology and energy technology, one of his current focus areas is the origin of musical frequencies.
On February 22, 2007 Jacques had a spiritual insight: a new and ready-made formula for tuning music. Within an hour he noted down the octaves and tones of the first range of The New Tuning. The second range consists of multiplying the individual tonal frequencies of the first range by the square root of 2 (n•√2). This provides a total of 2 x 12 = 24 tones. In this section, we will not describe in detail all the characteristics of this new musical scale. It is sufficient to state that starting at a certain point, adding up the frequency of each individual tone results in the number 9, and that there is a connection to the enneagram, the Pascal triangle and the Solfeggio frequencies.

For more information on the technique and underlying geometry you can invite Jacques Groenen and/or Michael Strategier for a lecture on the fundaments of The New Crystal Spiral Tuning.