Expressing The New Tuning

On February 22, 2008 – exactly one year after Jacques’ discovery – Michael Strategier performed the new music for the first time, using the initial range of The New Tuning on his adapted piano. Tuning software had to be designed to enable the tuning of the exact frequencies of the crystal spiral on Michael’s piano. It became instantly clear that the new sounds have an extraordinary influence on both the musician and the listener. Currently Michael’s music is actively used at re-birthing gatherings, with autistic or over-active children, and for people with eating disorders. You can experience these new healing sounds yourself by ordering the CD “Vivioen’s Gift” through our web shop [edit link].

Our next focus is to create new music with two keyboards tuned in both sound ranges, using specifically designed software. This will allow for technical and experimental research on the musical intertwining of the two ranges, and on the sound colours that can be created through these combinations.