Healing Sounds

The music I create in the special frequencies of the Krystallah tuning is hard to define. Someone described it as: “My ears hear ordinary music, but my body tells me otherwise; all kinds of feelings are awakened within”.

Through my contact with Mrs. Bülent, who revealed the Knowledge Book, I believe that this music comes as unfiltered information from an enormously high dimension. For that reason it can touch us humans, whose origin is from these higher levels of development, and who cannot find their footing in our society.

I myself had quite some difficulties adjusting to the earthly 3D life and level of consciousness. It felt as if I didn’t belong. It was my luck as a child to live across from the observatory in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This gave me such a feeling of joy and protection. Knowing that earthly life was not everything, that there was a whole different space and time out there – in the cosmos. That we could visit it by using our imagination – where we could feel safe and at home.

I have the strong impression that the sounds of my music, combined with this unique tuning structure that goes against all known musical and geometry laws, can have an enormous healing and calling and self-recognizing effect on those who are suffering. Especially amongst autistics, children with anorexia, children that drop out. And also adults feel themselves carried by the special sounds that may allow them to go through deep and transcending experiences.

We are conducting workshops, lectures, trainings, all embedded in this new world of sounds. We are only at the first stages of this journey. We now have to wait for sponsors and benefits from our CD sales to be able to invest in research and in concerts uniting the two intertwined ranges of the Kristal Spiral into ONE instrument.