The New Musical Tuning, or Kristal Spiral Musical Tuning, provides access to a totally new musical universe. This new tuning no longer has Pythagoras’ Comma as a base – being the ratio between twelve fifths with a 3:2 frequency, and seven octaves with a frequency ratio of 1:2.
Since thousands of years, from far before the beginning of our era to present time, from China to India, from America to Europe, all music on earth is based on this comma.

In Western music one has tried to resolve the issue by distributing the comma across all notes of an octave. This is no true solution, as all notes – except the octave itself – are out of tune. But through long term conditioning our hearing is no longer receptive to this. For those who remain open to subtle listening, Western music is an attack to their ears.

In India music is used to reflect and convert human moods and emotions into sounds, and vice versa. Different tunings are used to affect feelings and emotions. All these tunings are a consequence of the Pythagorean Comma, and differ from one hour to the next.

Music without this comma thus induces a new era.

Technically, the new tuning has 24 tones that together provide a KristalSpiral of sounds. When listening to music in the new tuning, a deep relaxation can take place, the more because the Kristal Music is tuning our brainwaves in a whole new way. This gives access to profound inner experiences.

How is it possible that the Pythagorean Comma has never before been solved? The answer is truly simple. If a problem cannot be solved within any existing framework, one has to find new pathways out of the box. This is exactly what happened with Kristal Musical Tuning.

Soon all details will be revealed through this web site, including the “source code” of Kristal Musical Tuning. For updates please register for free to The New Music Revolution Membership.