Adventure in New Music

By Jacques Groenen

The breakthrough
The new music was born in a flash. In the early hours of February 22, 2007, to be precise at 7 a.m. I received, as sudden as unexpected, the formula of a completely new musical tuning. An hour later I had written down all frequencies and I could begin to actually make audible the new notes. I would have to wait until 22 February 2008, exactly one year later, before I heard the new music for the very first time.

Music has always fascinated me. From Western classical music to Rock n Roll, from Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Chopin to Satie, Strawinski, Shostakovich, Ravel and Messiaen, from Robert Johnson and Bo Diddley to Beatles and Stones, from Elvis Presley to Michael Jackson, from music of India, China and the Andes to New Age music, the “brainwaves”-music of Jeffrey Thompson, the music therapy of Jonathan Goldman and the Solfeggio frequencies. I bought and listened to everything, first of many LP’s later on an even more CD’s. Already several years, I had been busy with studying music in A = 432 Hz (Herz = number of vibrations per second), after I had read on the Internet an article about the beginning of the current musical tuning in A = 440 Hz at the beginning and end of the Second World War. This prompted me to explore the foundations and the beginning of all music, the musical tuning, one single note and a (geometric) pattern that makes it possible to discover all other notes. As a sociologist, organization consultant, coach and innovator I became used to go the very foundations of social phenomena. When one finds the foundation and the root cause of everything, creative destruction – a term coined by Austrian economist Schumpeter – and innovation becomes very simple. In this way destruction of old ways and laying new foundations for totally new buildings (including myself, as spiritual-mentally-biological building) has become a red thread in my life and is my business name Fun-da-Mental (www. very to the point.

From Vemu Mukunda, who passed away in 2000, scientist, musician – he played the veena in his band – and teacher of music, I learned how Indian musicians literally play with human emotions and their physical locations in the human body. Also that everyone has a personal ground note, that is easily to identify when one listens to someone’s voice with the help of a tuning instrument. Knowing your ground note makes it easy to stay in tune with your self. This knowledge was the base of my spiritual tuning and toning workshops, where I teached people to tune their chakras with the help of their voice and the vocals U, O, A, I, E and frequencies based on A = 432 Hz> I teached also how everything is connected with the universal language of (sacred) geometry.

Geometry is another theme in my life. Architecture is frozen music according Pythagoras and this is probably the reason modern architecture does not speak to me really; there is too much noise and not enough music in it. When I travel I always visit the impressive buildings of ancient cultures and in the 1980’s the book “The Power of Limits” of the Hungarian-American architect György Döczi opened my eyes to the Golden Mean spiral as architectural principle in ancient times and in throughout nature. Dinergy is the term coined by Döczi for the pattern-forming process of the union of opposites, and at that time this fitted very well in the Yin-Yang thinking that was at the base of my spiritual quest. Drunvalo Melchizedek led me in the 1990’s further and deeper on this path, including the Golden Mean and Fibonacci numbers as the base of our music.

From the year 2000 onwards the whole foundation of my thinking has been rigorously undermined by Ashayana Deane and Keylontic Science. And I’m very grateful for it because she gave me the key to another universe! There is another spiral, so I learned, the Krystal Spiral and the Vesica Pisces of the Golden Mean is a shape that prevents close contact with Source. The Kabala is a degeneration of the Kathara Grid and many other wonderful revelations. There was only one thing I did not like at all on the many workshops on DVD I watched and also during a workshop of Ashayana Deane I attended in Amsterdam: the music played on Golden Mean and Fibonacci guitars. There must be other music, Crystal Spiral Music. KaRaYaSaTaHaLa, Krystallah!

On February 22, 2007, I received my “gift of the goddess” and all pieces of my musical puzzle fell in the right places, fully in accordance with a dream that I have had years earlier. Eureka!

That very evening I should give a lecture about music in A432 in sauna Kastelenplein in Eindhoven and this music was played there by piano tuner, pianist and cellist Michael Strategier and violist Martine Nijenhuis, both of the Band of Wizzards.
Immediately I could tell the public my early morning story of my new musical tuning. Nobody could really understand me, A432 was already new and now again another musical tuning…

From New Frequencies to Verituner
It is easy to write down the frequencies of a new musical tuning, listening to them and converting the new notes into music is another story. It is like learning a new language while nobody on Earth has any experience with this language at all, and therefore it is an adventure in the completely unknown. Luckily, there are frequency generators that can generate every frequency you want; of course this is still no music, but only a pure sinus wave without any overtones. These pure frequencies instantly impressed me and fairly quickly the opportunity to do something useful in the direction of real music was in front of me.

On the initiative of the Technical University Eindhoven, Fontys Hogescholen, Philips and others, MAD was created, an emergent art centre, where art, science and technology were brought together. Artists and companies are working together for creative innovation. There I met Olivier Nijs, sound artist from Tilburg, and he managed to put the frequencies of the first part of my tuning of 12 notes (my tuning has 24 notes in an octave) generated by the frequency generator in a software programme and to create a very simple virtual piano. Now we had the first impression what music in the new tuning could be. It tasted for more, for real music. Half a year later I could listen to the music for the first time.

It went as follows. Michael Strategier uses an advanced tool, the Verituner, to tune pianos and he could convince Dave Carpenter, the American developer, to create a new software module with the frequencies of the new tuning. Wow!

The New Music Is Amazing!
A few months later Michael could start re-tuning his own piano and learning to play with the new musical notes. It was at the end of 2007 and I was looking forward to hear the new music for the very first time myself. The premiere was repeatedly postponed due to sickness of Michael and it is clear this might have to do with the new frequencies. This is because everything in the Universe is made of vibrations and when you change the root vibration everything is affected immediately. Most people who hear the new music for the first time are immediately affected in a strong way. We talk about being on the same wavelength and of having good vibrations to illustrate the powerful effect of vibratory changes… The new musical vibrations bring everything in a different vibration field and because we have vibrating cells and brainwaves everything is starting to tune to the new music, leading quickly to a different form of awareness and consciousness.

Exactly a year after my wake-up call in 2007, on February 22, 2008 I listened for the very first time to Michael’s intuitive piano playing. It was so special that I immediately wanted part 2 of the tuning to be installed on the Verituner. In April 2008 I bought a new piano that was tuned by Michael into the frequencies of part 2 of my tuning… I now could begin with my self-training and explorations of a new musical universe.

In the meantime Michael was recording a CD, playing on his piano the background music for the CD filled with stories for the book “Vivioen en het rijk van binnen” of Lilian van Bennekom. Next, he went to Turkey to meet the author of the Knowledge Book who promptly told him that this new music is not of this world but comes from a much higher level in the cosmos. It is clear for us, the new time is coming and we are tuning the future!

We are now in 2009 and Michael’s piano tuned in part 1 is in Heiloo in North Holland and my piano is in Nuenen in the South of The Netherlands, nearly 200 km of each other. Attempts to bring together two differently tuned pianos in one room at the Hogeschool Utrecht in Amersfoort, to provide the opportunity for students in musical therapy to study and experiment with the new music take longer than expected. Building a new synthesizer with two keyboards is in slow motion, because of the costs involved. No one, until this moment in time has heard the new music apart from my own efforts to combine the musical notes of my piano tuned in part 2 with the music on CD of Michael s piano in part 1, resulting in fantastic resonance fields. So high time to speed up the arrival of the new music and tuning the future by starting a new Internet website where we give interested people the opportunity to participate in our great adventure. People can buy a CD with the title”Vivien s gift” and separate musical pieces tuned according in part 1, I will publish the full source code and architecture of the tuning in an e-book and other e-books about the underlying spiritual-scientific foundation of the tuning and an e-book on the 18 Solfeggio frequencies – currently being put on the Verituner by Dave Carpenter – will also be available. I discovered that there are not 6 or 9, as is often claimed, but 18 Solfeggio frequencies and that there is a close relationship with the enneagram.

Michael and I invite everyone who is ready to join us in this pioneering musical adventure by joining the tuningthefuture group on Skype and participating in com. Welcome!