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Welcome to the world of cosmic Kristal Spiral Music

The New Musical Tuning, or Kristal Spiral Musical Tuning, provides access to a totally new musical universe. This new tuning no longer has Pythagoras’ Comma as a base – being the ratio between twelve fifths with a 3:2 frequency, and seven octaves with a frequency ratio of 1:2.
Since thousands of years, from far before the beginning of our era to present time, from China to India, from America to Europe, all music on earth is based on this comma.

Our conscious is greatly influenced by musical relations and its geometry. Present music and instruments are based on the Golden Ratio spiral and the Fibonacci sequence. The New Tuning however consists of two ranges of 12 tones. Both ranges combined create a kristal spiral of sounds. Because of its previously unknown spiral shape, The New Tuning is often also called the “Cosmic Tuning”.

We are acquainted with the Mozart effect, Tomatis effect and the results of music therapy, biofeedback (e.g. heart rate variability, skin resistance, breathing, etc.,) and neuro-feedback (brainwaves).
All these methods use sound to influence our consciousness and/or bodily signals that all have the shape of waves.

Kosmische Kristal Spiraal muziek